Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pluck Inc.

Pluck, Inc. is a company that represents the best of Austin tech and the best of Austin creativity. They offer integrated social media for publishers, retailers and brands, and their technology platform currently powers more than 2.5 billion monthly interactions. What?! I love these guys. Some of their clients include the Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Economist, and Whole Foods. I partnered with them for Socialize, which was an invitation-only event held at The Driskill for their current clients. I can't post the series of graphic recordings I created because they're proprietary, but I wanted to mention it on my blog because it was really an exciting event. The best thing I got out of the conversations was a reinforcement that community-building (for marketing purposes or otherwise) is happening here, now and on the web, and in ways that are anti-thesis of the traditional model of marketing and branding. Word.

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