Wednesday, May 21, 2008

VOIS: Social Network and Global Marketplace

A black and white thumbnail sketch of an infographic I'll be producing for VOIS - the world's first online social network combined with an on-demand global marketplace. VOIS is a start-up company that needs to be able show potential investors how VOIS works and what it's value for the user is. The next phase of this project will involve tweaking the content and process flow and generating a computer-illustrated version. Good times.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Holland Board of Public Works

Collaboration Unlimited, a consultancy for strategic planning and business performance, requested that I create a template for use with the Holland Board of Public Works. This was a fairly quick computer sketch made for use during group brainstorms about core values. The thought clouds are where the content they generate is captured by a facilitator.

Victor Frankl 'Man's Search for Meaning' Quote

Policy Studies, Inc. asked me to create a 'goodbye' graphic dedicated to an employee who was promoted and moving to a different division in the company. Nancy Starling Ross, the woman who received this, deeply admired Victor Frankl - an Austrian neurologist and psychologist who survived various concentration camps and went on to create logotherapy and Existential Analysis.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Momentum Leadership Sales Presentation

A straightforward graphic I created for use during a sales presentation. The president of Momentum Leadership, Kerry Anne Ridley, used this chart (4' x 4') to highlight her company's capabilities with respect to the needs of the audience, composed of HR professionals specific to the technology industry.

VizThink Austin, April 30

On April 30, we held our first VizThink Austin Session! The goal of this session was three-fold: to get a "pulse" of the community interest, to gather content about how people want to or are currently using visual thinking in their lives and work, and to build momentum behind the larger movement toward establishing visual literacy as a skill tantamount to reading and writing. The turnout was fantastic - thank you, Austin - and there was a lot of interest expressed in what happens next. The next session will likely involve a workshop about e-Learning and, of course, we'll have to throw in a good visual thinking game. Can't wait.