Friday, August 1, 2008

VOIS Infographic

Whoa! I finally finished a project that was among the most complicated I've done. VOIS, which is a social networking and global commerce website (the first of its kind) saw me doing a graphic recording at SXSW and asked me to partner with them on an infographic. The challenge for this project was not only in the concept design and layout, but also in the distillation of what information needed to be displayed. VOIS is a start-up company and the guys involved are visionaries, but it was a task to have them illuminate the knowledge in their heads. I worked with them over weeks to get the right content - guiding them through BrightSpot's consulting processes - until we had what we felt was appropriate content. The is a presentation piece for venture capitalists or angel investors, to show them how VOIS works and what makes it different from other social networking or global commerce sites. I know it's busy, but when printed at the design size (tabloid), it looks good. The VOIS guys had a LOT of content they wanted on there, so the other challenge was using good design techniques to make the best of the real estate available. I really enjoyed this project and we plan to move toward an animation piece in the future.

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