Monday, March 10, 2008

SXSW Frank Warren

So you can get some context on how graphic recording works: Here is a photograph of me working while Frank Warren (author and curator of The PostSecret Project) is presenting in the background. I am essentially capturing the content using visual language and iconography. The SXSW Interactive participants love it, and the mural is an excellent way to summarize his main points and allow other participants to blog (or speak, for those of you of the older persuasion) about them later. See below for the full image.


Scurvy said...

Very cool Sunni. I was wondering how you did this.

Anonymous said...

See Here

Jas said...

Hey Sunni!

I'm actually super duper jazzed I ran into your blog today (by way of the sxsw blog, somehow..)

Anyhoo... I'm pumped! Your graphic / notetaking style is kindred to mine. I recently covered the Altitude Business seminar in a much similar style (graphic upon graphic upon punchy, fast note. Multicolored and multifaceted. Only along 3 notebooks instead of a big white board.)

, and I'm so jazzed to see someone else bringing graphic/spontaneous/mindmap living live style to a business environment. I mean, I'm REALLY jazzed... Here I thought I was alone on this planet... *smiles*

I'm curious,

Do you get a syllabus of the talks beforehand? Or do you listen and free-jazz, right on the spot?

Keep on, keepin' on, woman. You'll do the world a world of good. ;)


Jas said...

Oh, psst - Fenrisar... your tinyurl link doesn't work.

I, myself, am actually uber curious how she does it. (Always fun to watch and grow and learn from one another)

I wonder if anyone can redeux and provide a link?

Mike said...

Sunni, I thought your work was gorgeous and felt compelled to take pictures. Do you object to people posting such pictures online, either to blogs or to flickr? Of course I would attribute.

JMC said...

Like Jas I also ran into your work through the swsw blog. I'm amazed!!!

When I grow Big I hope to be like you...


BrightSpot Information Design said...

To Mike: Thank you for asking about postings. I don't mind at all being posted publicly as long as you, of course, attribute. You can add a link to my blog and reference Sunni Brown, Owner of BrightSpot Information Design. Thank you!

To JMC: Yes, I free-jazz. It is always better to have some content knowledge beforehand, but I didn't have that luxury for SXSW.

To Jas and Scurvy: I am happy to share with people who I do my graphic recordings. Email me at if you want to have a conversation.